SAR Aero Services


Director of Admin/
Human Resource & Finance

Meet Zuraidah Deraman, an individual of unyielding determination and remarkable adaptability. Her professional journey has been a tapestry woven with dedication, each role a thread contributing to her remarkable skill set. Before joining SAR Aero Services, Zuraidah’s journey was marked by a series of impactful chapters that shaped her into the versatile professional she is today.

Today, within the dynamic realm of SAR Aero Services, Zuraidah brings an extraordinary blend of expertise and unwavering dedication to her role as the Director of Admin/Human Resource & Finance. In her current capacity, Zuraidah’s prowess in finance, administration, and human resources shines brightly. Her multifaceted approach and relentless pursuit of excellence have positioned her as a cornerstone of SAR Aero Services’ sustained growth and triumph.