SAR Aero Services

Flight Deck Officer (FDO) Course

We take great pride in offering a specialised course that is dedicated to training and certifying Flight Deck Officers to excel in their critical role. Our comprehensive program focuses on equipping these officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide invaluable support to the Aircraft Handling Officer during flight deck operations.

Throughout the course, participants will gain expertise in planning aircraft spotting on the flight deck, strategically arranging aircraft to optimize space and streamline operations. They will also receive extensive training in supervising and guiding aircraft handlers, honing their ability to skilfully spot and safely move planes on the flight deck.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each Flight Deck Officer undergoes rigorous training, making them adept at their responsibilities and capable of contributing to the seamless functioning of flight deck operations. Graduates from our program will be fully prepared to take on their critical role with confidence and precision, enhancing the safety and efficiency of aircraft handling on the flight deck.