SAR Aero Services


Managing Director

Major (R) Zulhikam is an experienced aerospace professional with over 33 years of expertise. He began his career in the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) as a Squadron Engineering Officer, working with various types of aircrafts. After retiring from the RMAF, he joined AIROD Sdn Bhd, holding management positions in military and commercial aircraft operations. He later became AIROD’s CEO, overseeing customer contracts and ensuring top-quality servicing.

Subsequently, he worked as an Aerospace Consultant for the Malaysian Industry-Group for High Technology (MIGHT) and became the CEO of BHIC AeroServices Sdn Bhd, an Aerospace MRO company. Later, he founded Far Frontier Aeronautic Sdn Bhd and SAR Aero Services Sdn Bhd, focusing on aircraft maintenance and search and rescue training. Throughout his career, he established valuable connections with government officials, aerospace companies, and airlines.