SAR Aero Services


Director of Operations

At just 20 years old, Captain Azizul began his impressive journey as a Fixed Wing Pilot in the Royal Malaysian Air Force. He later transitioned to a Helicopter Pilot, specializing in Rotary Wing aircraft, over a career spanning 35 years. He amassed nearly 10,000 flying hours and served in various roles such as a Basic Flying Instructor, Type Rating Instructor, Type Rating Examiner, and Instrument Rating Examiner.

Captain Azizul excelled as a VVIP Pilot, taught aspiring aviators as a Flying Instructor, and engaged in diverse missions, including offshore operations, medical evacuations, search and rescue missions, and HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services). In commercial aviation, he held roles as Chief Pilot and Flight Operation Manager, known affectionately as “Captain Jojo” among peers.

Today, he proudly serves as the Director of Operations at SAR Aero Sdn Bhd, showcasing his aviation expertise. Captain Azizul’s career is a testament to dedication, accomplishment, and an unwavering passion for aviation.